NOTICE OF AGM of the Outaouais Ski Zone

Notice is hereby given of the Annual General Meeting of the Outaouais Ski Zone :

Wednesday June 26 2019
6 pm
Centre Jules-Desbiens
109 rue Wright
Gatineau, Quebec
J8X 2G7

The agenda will be as follows :

  1. Approval of the agenda
  2. Approval of minutes of 2017 AGM
  3. President’s report
  4. Treasurer’s report
  5. Appointment of an auditor
  6. Age Group and Functional Area Coordinator’s reports
  7. Nomination committee report and election of officers
  8. Varia
  9. Close of meeting

Outaouais Ski Zone – Year End Banquet

April 26th 2019

6:00 cocktails
7:00 dinner

Club de Golf Kingsway, 1461 chemin de la Montagne

$40 adults
$25 kids (u12)

Please see your club representative for tickets before April 11

This is an overview of the opportunities for alpine ski racing volunteers in the OSZ/NCD

This is an overview of the opportunities for alpine ski racing volunteers in the OSZ/NCD:

1. All Hands Meeting

The All Hands Meeting is for all volunteers and coaches from all clubs. It is a 2 hour presentation with relevant information for running ski races and for athlete safety. In order to stay certified, all Level 2 Officials much attend an All Hands Meeting at least once every 2 years.

Date: Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Time: 6:00 PM to 8 PM

Location: J. A. Dulude Arena – 941 Clyde Avenue, Ottawa, ON

2. Level 2 Official Course:

Description: This is the only level 2 course in the OSZ this season. It is for volunteers that are interested in learning more about how a ski race is run and interested in taking on roles of responsibility on race day. This is a full day of course material by qualified and experienced FIS and Level 3 Officials, with the exam at the end.

Information about Officials Courses:

Date: Sunday, November 18, 2018

Time: 9 AM to 6 PM (until exam is complete)

Location: 335 Catherine. between Lyon North and Bay, just west of the bus station. Parking for 30 cars and free street parking.

Cost: OSZ club members: $15 (you will be notified about payment after you register with this form)

NCD: TBD (you will be notified about payment after you have been registered with this form)

Prerequisite: Level I certification and practical experience in at least 3 different Official’s positions from 2 different categories that covers a minimum of 8 days race experience.

Exam: 1 hour – multiple choice, T/F, and short answers. Open book.

Registration: Click on this to register for Level 2 Registration is due by Wednesday, November 14

3. Level 3 Official Course:

The course will run only if there is enough interest.

If you are interested in taking a level 3 Official Course please forward your ski racing volunteer resume to Jeff Harvey at This applies to coaches as well.

Pre-requisites for this course are:

Level II certification and practical experience since obtaining Level 2 as follows:

a) Chief of Race and one of the following positions:  Chief of Course  Chief of Timing and Calculation  Chief of Gate Judges  Chief of Administration (Race Administrator)

b) Two assignments as voting/non-voting jury member (other than Chief of Race);

c) An assignment different from the above at the FIS level excluding the positions with an asterisk on previous page.

The candidates have to attend a Level 3 course and pass the exam.

Course Description: Time required: 12 hours. Generally given on a weekend but can be given over 4 evenings.

Pre-requisites: It is only open to those who have the necessary pre-requisites as detailed above or are identified as being very close to having the necessary practical. Must be recommended by Jeff Harvey (NCD) or Jane Macintyre (OSZ)

Exam: 2 hour open book exam. The Level III course is an interactive one in which there is emphasis on discussion and exchange of ideas, opinions, and experiences by the participants and the instructor(s). The course is designed for Officials with considerable practical experience. It covers rules to particular disciplines as well as the work and duties of the Jury and Technical Delegate in detail. Also covered are the duties of senior Officials, course preparation, maintenance and setting, as well as calculations of points and penalties. Throughout the course, participants take part in many case studies taken from actual experiences and will be asked to make decisions on these as well as participating in Jury decisions.

More information about Officials Courses:

4. NORAM Races Volunteers Needed!

If you would like to volunteer for the NORAM Races –
Men’s Slalom and Parallel Slalom – Camp Fortune January 3 – 5 email Andrea Holland –
Men’s GS – Mont Ste Marie – January 6 – 7 email Julie Klotz –

If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact me at

2015-2016 OSZ Banquet Awards

Volunteer of the year

For Edelweiss: Nathalie Lepage

Camp Fortune: Nathalie Tremblay et Bruno Duhamel

Mont Cascades: Gerry Gallagher

Mont Ste-Marie: Daniel Boivin

Vorlage: Jeffrey Taylor


TOP 5 per U Level


U10 boys

5th place – Yohann  Hébert (CAS)

4th place – Quinn Harris-Fowell (MSM)

3rd place – Matheew Farah (MSM)

2nd place – Owen Wagner (MSM)

1st place – Thomas Miles (MSM)


Filles U10

5e place – Finlay Summers (MSM)

4e place – Alaïs Gerfaux (ESCF)

3e place – Émilie Côté (CAS)

2e place – Lorie Hébert (ESCF)

1ere place – Rosa Maloof (EDEL)


Garçons U12

5e place – Luca Fulga (VOR)

4e place – Christophe Earle (MSM)

3e place – Benjamin Miles (MSM)

2e place – Ryan Wagner (MSM)

1ere place – Charlie Graf (MSM)


U12 Girls

5th place – Isabel Novas-Peña (EDEL)

4th place – Stella Puttick (EDEL)

3rd place – Anna Parolin (VOR)

2nd place – Saffron Klotz (MSM)

1st place – Nicola Gilmour (MSM)


U14 boys

5th place – Hugo Brisebois (ESCF)

4th place Charles-Alexandre Thivierge (CAS)

3rd place – Mykael Hébert (EDEL)

2nd place – Léandre Duhamel (ESCF)

1st place – William Earle (MSM)


Filles U14

5e place – Gabrielle Gallant (EDEL)

4e place – Jessie-Anne Caron (CAS)

3e place – Pippa Kolking (MSM)

2e place – Haley Conrad (MSM)

1ere place – Ella Farah (MSM)



U16 boys

5th place – Luka Desormeaux (CAS)

4th place – Félix Boivin (MSM)

3rd place – Nathan Hoyte (VOR)

2nd place – Aidan Marler (MSM)

1st place – Éric Guimont (VOR)

Filles U16

5e place – Danielle Bernard (VOR)

4e place – Madison Hollington (ESCF)

3e place – Sophie Thomas (VOR)

2e place – Juliette Bélanger (ESCF)

1ere place – Sierra Smith (MSM)


U18-U21 lady

Jillian Lynott (MSM)

U18-U21 men

Émile Bernier (MSM)

The Ambassador’s Club


Emeraude Aubé (MSM) Sierra Smith (MSM)
Liam Carrière (MSM) Alexis Guimond – Équipe du Québec Para-Alpin
Rosa Maalouf (EDEL) Cole Briggs (CASCA)
Saffron Klotz (MSM) Patrick Campbell (MSM)
Sara Buzdugan (VORLA) Nora Fripp (NCO)
Charlie Graf (MSM) Stéphanie Gould (MSM)
Stella Puttick (EDEL) Cal Gray (VORLA)
Ryan Wagner (MSM) Tyler Gray (VORLA)
William Earle (MSM) Helen Hume (CASCA-NCO)
Zachary Miles  (MSM) Jillian Lynott (MSM)
Hayley Conrad (MSM) Beatrix Lever (CASCA-Québec)
Ella Farah (MSM) Raphaël Quenneville (MSM)
Félix Boivin (MSM) Gabrielle Rollin (MSM)
Juliette Bélanger (ESCF) Jared Schmidt (NCO)
Danielle Bernard (VORLA) Hannah Schmidt (MSM)
Éric Guimont (VORLA) Chris Steinke (MSM)
Aidan Marler (MSM) Michaela Tommy (EDEL-National Team)
Sophie Thomas (VORLA)

Most improved and most outstanding male and female skiers of 2015-2016.

Most improved

The most improved U10-U16 female skier… Danielle Bernard (U16) (Vorlage)

The most improved U10-U16 male skier… Charles-Alexandre Thivierge (U14) (Cascades)

The Most Outstanding Skier

From among the NCO U16 and FIS teams, the 2015-2016 most outstanding male athletes of the year are:

Éric Guimont (Vorlage/NCO)

Sierra Smith (MSM)

Event Location Switch – U14 Championship

The U14 SL Championship will now be held at Calabogie on Sunday March 20, and the U14 GS Championship will be held at Camp Fortune on Saturday, March 19.  This change is being made to make the best use of remaining snow after the challenging weather conditions.