Points 2013-14

OSZ Season Points Results

At its March 2014 meeting, the OSZ Management Committee passed the following motion:

Moved by J. Klotz, seconded by E. Poulin that the series points for the age groups should include

the championship weekend races and be determined as follows:

  • U16 – best SG race, best 2 GS races, best 2 SL races and best SC race.
  • U14 – best 50% of SL runs, best 50% of GS runs and that Kombi and Panel SL are considered as SL runs.
  • U10 and U12 – best 60% SL runs, best 60% of GS runs and Kombi are considered as SL runs.

The series points for the season, calculated according to the motion are presented, below.

Please note that these results are being used to determine the 2014 awards to be presented at the OSZ’s annual banquet! All of the OSZ results are presented here OSZ

Season Points Standings

Final Standings All Age Groups

OSZ U12 Provincial Qualifications

U12 Boys

U12 Girls

OSZ U14 Provincial Qualifications

U14 Boys

U14 Girls

NCD U14 Provincial Qualifications

U14 Boys

U14 Girls

OSZ U16 Provincial Qualifications

U16 Women

U16 Men