OSZ Programs

The Zone represents regional interests at the Québec Ski Federation and organizes alpine ski racing activities and programs in the Outaouais region. Our programs offer skiers of all levels the opportunity to develop their full potential in a safe, bilingual and dynamic environment. The programs outlined below ensure that skiers are offered services that allow constant improvement.

All athletes participating in ski racing programs, training, racing or other ski racing activities in the Outaouais Ski Zone (“OSZ”) are required and expected to comply with the Ski Quebec Code d’Ethique Athlete found at this link, with the necessary amendments. The OSZ has jurisdiction to impose sanctions to athletes breaching the Code d’Ethique in OSZ regional training and racing activities, or when participating in an event as part of an OSZ delegation.

Nancy Greene: The Nancy Greene League is an entry-level program for racers aged 6-13 years. It is designed to develop basic skills and self-confidence. The development approach emphasizes participation in games and exercises that are fun. Because a highly competitive program will hinder skills development for younger skiers, individual competition has been given a low profile in Nancy Greene. Instead, the emphasis is on participation in a team effort where everyone has contributes to the results.

U10: The U10 program is the first level of individual competition for boys and girls 9 years and younger who have acquired basic skiing skills and want to race. Some youngsters will have been members of a Nancy Greene team; others may have no previous racing experience. Like Nancy Greene, the U10 program is an entry level program designed to introduce children to basic skiing and ski race skills. Consistent with the emphasis on fundamentals, training prepares children for skiing all kinds of terrain and snow conditions (bumps, ice, and crud). Physical conditioning and training focuses on the development of physical capacities such as agility, balance, and co-ordination.

U12: The U12 program is for boys and girls 10 and 11 years who have acquired basic skiing skills and want to race. Some youngsters will have been members of a Nancy Greene team; others may have no previous racing experience. The program is designed to continue the development of individual skiing and ski race skills. Consistent with the emphasis on fundamentals, training prepares children for skiing all kinds of terrain and snow conditions (bumps, ice, and crud). Physical conditioning and training focuses on the development of physical capacities such as agility, balance, co-ordination and speed.

U14: In the U14 program, children aged 12 and 13 continue to develop, adapt and refine their skiing skills and begin expanding their racing skills by training for and competing in Slalom as well as Giant Slalom and Kinder Kombi races. Physical training and conditioning focuses on agility, balance, co-ordination and speed skills with the introduction of some strength and endurance training.

U16: In the U16 program, 14 and 15 year old athletes focus on the Train to Train phase of their development as alpine racers. In addition to the continued development of basic skiing and racing skills, strength and endurance training become a more significant part of training. U16 athletes are increasing challenged to adapt and refine the skiing and racing skills they have learned, while learning to pattern and perceive new skills. Consistent with their growing skills and physical capacities, most K2 racers will train for and race all disciplines – Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super-G, and, where appropriate, Downhill.

Junior (U18 & U21): The Junior program, for 16 to 20 year old athletes, focuses on the Train to Race phase of the athlete development as alpine racers. In addition the program does have a mixture of athletes with differing focuses including those who aspire to and are involved in FIS sanctioned race events, the Quebec Championat Junior series races, and those who simply want to continue the race experience by participating in the local series events.

Development Program:

The Outaouais Ski Zone offers two development programs for racers.


The Outaouais Ski Zone and the National Capital Division jointly provide an exceptional training and racing environment for elite U16 and FIS (16 years and older) athletes in the region. This program allows athletes to develop the technical, tactical and mental skills required to achieve their potential as ski racers, as well as to achieve personal growth as individuals. The program is built on the following premises:

Bringing the best athletes together as a team is an accepted method for providing an effective program for success and elite athlete development; Support from the Division, Zone and all Club programs in the region is essential to the future of the NCO Program and to the development of athletes within the Canadian ski racing system.


For further information about these programs please consult Sports Etudes