Sports Etudes

Mont-Bleu High School, in cooperation with the Outaouais Ski Zone (official agent), offers Athletes who want a Ski School Sport program in the classic Alpine skiing disciplines. The program is one of elite development that seeks to advance athletes already integrated into a competitive alpine club ski structure.

The program that is offered has been in operation for several years and it provides Athletes / students the opportunity to improve their skiing skills by finding a balance with a school schedule adapted to their sporting reality. The Alpine Ski Sport Study Program is Recognized by the Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sports (MELS) in Québec.

The program includes:

  • Supervised physical preparation program (gym training) 5 days a week in the fall and one day in the winter on a weekly basis;
  • From January to March, 20 to 30 days on snow with a dedicate coach (2 afternoons per week) depending on weather conditions;
  • On Friday’s athletes return to train with their respective Ski clubs
  • Students with an athlete status recognized by their sport federation (excellence, elite, upbringing, hope) can benefit from the flexibility of the structure of the Ski-Études program to participate in the physical preparation session (gym) in the fall and thereafter train with their respective elite teams while following the school curriculum

Typical schedule:


    • School every morning of the week
    • Gym Training from 13:30pm to 16:15pm. Or make-up studies needed


    • Monday AM School – PM training in gym or make-up studies as needed
    • Tuesday: AM School – PM ski training or make-up studies as needed
    • Wednesday AM School – PM make-up studies (mandatory)
    • Thursday AM School – PM ski training or make-up studies as needed
    • Friday no school athletes train with their respective ski clubs

Program Costs: The program costs are variable each year depending on the number of participants in the snow session as well as gym training.

  • Gym sessions (Université du Québec en Outaouais) for the school year: approximately $1200 based on 4 students
  • On-Snow training sessions (20 to 30): $ $500 to $800 approximately – pending snow
  • Season pass at ski centre $100
  • Transportation: to be determined annually based on number of participants

Eligibility Criteria:

Admission exam:

  • The student must pass the admission exam that is administered by l’École Secondaire Mont-Bleu and the student must also be admitted to program following the successful completion of the examination

Sporting results:

  • Athletes must be among the 15 best regional skiers of their current or previous year age group and / or demonstrate competitive skiing skills and abilities
  • Subsequently, the representative of the agent (Outaouais Ski Zone) confirms the athletes results and / or abilities of the Athletes and determines the admission to the program

Contact :
Alain Brisebois