Congratulations to This Year’s Ambassador Award Winners!

Congratulations to This Year’s Ambassador Award Winners!

The Ambassador Awards are for athletes that place in the top 15 at events outside the region.  This could be Provincial Championships or La Defi at Le Relais.  For the athletes above U16 it is placing in the top 15 at any race held outside the region.


Dustin Cook, Mont-Ste-Marie
Beatrix Lever, Mont Cascades
Raphael Quenneville, Mont-Ste-Marie
Abby Thomas, Vorlage
Mikaela Tommy, Edelweiss


Helen Hume, Mont Cascade
Aidan Marler, Mont-Ste-Marie
Sierra Smith, Mont-Ste-Marie


Stephanie Belliveau, Edelweiss
Charlotte Burke, Vorlage
Sydney Carlan Gazsi, Vorlage
William Earle, Mont-Ste-Marie
Mykael Hebert, Edelweiss
Julian Royz, Mont-Ste-Marie
Emma Wagner, Mont-Ste-Marie


Sara BuzduganMont Cascades
Saffron Klotz, Mont-Ste-Marie
Molly Cornish, Mont-Ste-Marie
Nicola Gilmour, Mont-Ste-Marie
Ryan Wagner, Mont-Ste-Marie
Stella Puttick, Edelweiss


Rosa Maalouf, Edelweiss


Liam Carriere, Mont-Ste-Marie
Seth Kalplan, Mont-Ste-Marie
Max Maranda, Mont-Ste-Marie
Nicholas Poitras, Edelweiss
William Shaw, Edelweiss
Abby Innes, Mont-Ste-Marie
Lucy Rowan-Legg, Mont-Ste-Marie
Poppy Klotz, Mont-Ste-Marie


Loïc Barrette, Edelweiss
Reve McInnes, Mont-Ste-Marie
Lexi Giannakos, Mont Cascades

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