Parents' Resources

Resources for parents regarding alpine skiing in the Outaouais region

Athletes enter into the LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development) system of development and monitoring once they join their local ski club.  Each club is mandated both by ACA (Alpine Canada)/PSO (Provincial Sports Organization: Ski Quebec Alpin) and their regional Zone to follow a specific athlete development model to assist and promote skill development of the individual.  It is the objective of each organization to direct the coaches and programs (clubs) to follow a prescribed program and development system.  The OSZ (Outaouais Ski Zone) within our development system works closely with each club to ensure that the offering of each club matches with the LTAD.

Athlete Development Pathway

The athlete development pathway provides parents/athletes with a quick reference and links to key information related to the general specifics regarding progression of ski racing through age groups.

National Capital Outaouais Ski Team

The NCO team is the elite competitive alpine ski team for the Outaouais and National Capital Division ski zones. U16 and FIS athletes are selected from throughout this region and beyond, with many continuing on to race at the provincial and national levels.

Sports Études

Mont-Bleu High School, in cooperation with the Outaouais Ski Zone (official agent), offers Athletes who want a Ski School Sport program in the classic Alpine skiing disciplines. The program is one of elite development that seeks to advance athletes already integrated into a competitive alpine club ski structure. The program that is offered has been in operation for several years and it provides Athletes / students the opportunity to improve their skiing skills by finding a balance with a school schedule adapted to their sporting reality. The Alpine Ski Sport Study Program is Recognized by the Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sports (MELS) in Québec. For more information contact Alain Brisebois at

Schedules & Results

Find information on upcoming races, results and points.