2015-2016 OSZ Banquet Awards

Volunteer of the year

For Edelweiss: Nathalie Lepage

Camp Fortune: Nathalie Tremblay et Bruno Duhamel

Mont Cascades: Gerry Gallagher

Mont Ste-Marie: Daniel Boivin

Vorlage: Jeffrey Taylor


TOP 5 per U Level


U10 boys

5th place – Yohann  Hébert (CAS)

4th place – Quinn Harris-Fowell (MSM)

3rd place – Matheew Farah (MSM)

2nd place – Owen Wagner (MSM)

1st place – Thomas Miles (MSM)


Filles U10

5e place – Finlay Summers (MSM)

4e place – Alaïs Gerfaux (ESCF)

3e place – Émilie Côté (CAS)

2e place – Lorie Hébert (ESCF)

1ere place – Rosa Maloof (EDEL)


Garçons U12

5e place – Luca Fulga (VOR)

4e place – Christophe Earle (MSM)

3e place – Benjamin Miles (MSM)

2e place – Ryan Wagner (MSM)

1ere place – Charlie Graf (MSM)


U12 Girls

5th place – Isabel Novas-Peña (EDEL)

4th place – Stella Puttick (EDEL)

3rd place – Anna Parolin (VOR)

2nd place – Saffron Klotz (MSM)

1st place – Nicola Gilmour (MSM)


U14 boys

5th place – Hugo Brisebois (ESCF)

4th place Charles-Alexandre Thivierge (CAS)

3rd place – Mykael Hébert (EDEL)

2nd place – Léandre Duhamel (ESCF)

1st place – William Earle (MSM)


Filles U14

5e place – Gabrielle Gallant (EDEL)

4e place – Jessie-Anne Caron (CAS)

3e place – Pippa Kolking (MSM)

2e place – Haley Conrad (MSM)

1ere place – Ella Farah (MSM)



U16 boys

5th place – Luka Desormeaux (CAS)

4th place – Félix Boivin (MSM)

3rd place – Nathan Hoyte (VOR)

2nd place – Aidan Marler (MSM)

1st place – Éric Guimont (VOR)

Filles U16

5e place – Danielle Bernard (VOR)

4e place – Madison Hollington (ESCF)

3e place – Sophie Thomas (VOR)

2e place – Juliette Bélanger (ESCF)

1ere place – Sierra Smith (MSM)


U18-U21 lady

Jillian Lynott (MSM)

U18-U21 men

Émile Bernier (MSM)

The Ambassador’s Club


Emeraude Aubé (MSM) Sierra Smith (MSM)
Liam Carrière (MSM) Alexis Guimond – Équipe du Québec Para-Alpin
Rosa Maalouf (EDEL) Cole Briggs (CASCA)
Saffron Klotz (MSM) Patrick Campbell (MSM)
Sara Buzdugan (VORLA) Nora Fripp (NCO)
Charlie Graf (MSM) Stéphanie Gould (MSM)
Stella Puttick (EDEL) Cal Gray (VORLA)
Ryan Wagner (MSM) Tyler Gray (VORLA)
William Earle (MSM) Helen Hume (CASCA-NCO)
Zachary Miles  (MSM) Jillian Lynott (MSM)
Hayley Conrad (MSM) Beatrix Lever (CASCA-Québec)
Ella Farah (MSM) Raphaël Quenneville (MSM)
Félix Boivin (MSM) Gabrielle Rollin (MSM)
Juliette Bélanger (ESCF) Jared Schmidt (NCO)
Danielle Bernard (VORLA) Hannah Schmidt (MSM)
Éric Guimont (VORLA) Chris Steinke (MSM)
Aidan Marler (MSM) Michaela Tommy (EDEL-National Team)
Sophie Thomas (VORLA)

Most improved and most outstanding male and female skiers of 2015-2016.

Most improved

The most improved U10-U16 female skier… Danielle Bernard (U16) (Vorlage)

The most improved U10-U16 male skier… Charles-Alexandre Thivierge (U14) (Cascades)

The Most Outstanding Skier

From among the NCO U16 and FIS teams, the 2015-2016 most outstanding male athletes of the year are:

Éric Guimont (Vorlage/NCO)

Sierra Smith (MSM)

Event Location Switch – U14 Championship

The U14 SL Championship will now be held at Calabogie on Sunday March 20, and the U14 GS Championship will be held at Camp Fortune on Saturday, March 19.  This change is being made to make the best use of remaining snow after the challenging weather conditions.

2014-2015 OSZ Banquet Awards

Points de séries globaux ZSO / Overall OSZ Series Points


U10 Féminin / Female U10 Masculin / Male
1ière / 1st place – Mia Grieve (CASC)

2ième / 2nd place – Laure Cabasson (EDEL)

3ième / 3rd place – Marianne Souligny (ESCF)

4ième / 4th place – Sophia Colasante (EDEL)

5ième / 5th place – Eva Staples (MSM)

1ière / 1st place – Ryan Wagner (MSM)

2ième / 2nd place – Cameron Benson (EDEL)

3ième / 3rd place – Michael Guimont (VORL)

4ième / 4th place – Luca Fulga (VORL)

5ième / 5th place – David Bosnjak (EDEL)


U12 Féminin / Female U12 Masculin / Male
1ière / 1st place – Emma Wagner (MSM)

2ième / 2nd place – Sara Buzdugan (VORL)

3ième / 3rd place – Hannah Vail (VORL)

4ième / 4th place – Saffron Klotz (MSM)

5ième / 5th place – Stella Puttick (EDEL)

1ière / 1st place – Hugo Brisebois (ESCF)

2ième / 2nd place – Mykael Hébert (EDEL)

3ième / 3rd place – Benjamin Miles (MSM)

4ième / 4th place – Callum MacDonald (MSM)

5ième / 5th place – Charlie Graf (MSM)


U14 Féminin / Female U14 Masculin / Male
1ière / 1st place – Julia Gilmour (MSM)

2ième / 2nd place – Jessie-Anne Caron (CASC)

3ième / 3rd place – Kimberley Vail (VORL)

4ième / 4th place – Mallory Kerr (ESCF)

5ième / 5th place – Hayley Conrad (MSM)

1ière / 1st place – Eric Guimont (VORL)

2ième / 2nd place – Felix Boivin (MSM)

3ième / 3rd place – William Earle (MSM)

4ième / 4th place – Emile Burke (VORL)

5ième / 5th place – Jacob Souligny (MSM)

U16 Féminin / Female U16 Masculin / Male
1ière / 1st place – Sierra Smith (MSM)

2ième / 2nd place – Jillian Lynott (MSM)

3ième / 3rd place – Juliette Bélanger (ESCF)

4ième / 4th place – Helen Hume (CASC)

5ième / 5th place – Chloé Beaudoin (MSM)

1ière / 1st place – Cal Gray (VORL)

2ième / 2nd place – Emile Bernier (MSM)

3ième / 3rd place – Aiden Marler (MSM)

4ième / 4th place – Zachary Reynolds (MSM)

5ième / 5th place – Nathan Hoyte (VORL)


Récompenses spéciales / Special Awards


Skieur la plus améliorée – Programme du Club / Most Improved Female Skier – Club Program Helen Hume (CASC)
Skieur le plus amélioré – Programme du Club / Most Improved Male Skier – Club Program Emile Burke (VORL)
Skieur la plus améliorée – Programme de Développement / Most Improved Female Skier – Development Program Abby Thomas (VORL)
Skieur le plus amélioré – Programme du Développement / Most Improved Male Skier – Development Program Tyler Gray (VORL)
Athlète féminin par excellence – Programme du Club / Most Outstanding Female Skier – Club Program Sierra Smith (MSM)
Athlète masculin par excellence – Programme du Club / Most Outstanding Male Athlete – Club Program Felix Boivin (MSM)
Athlète féminin par excellence – Programme de développement / Most Outstanding Female Athlete – Development Program Jillian Lynott (MSM)
Athlète masculin par excellence – Programme de Développement / Most Outstanding Male Athlete – Development Program Cal Gray (MSM)
Meilleure skieur féminine / Top Female U18-U21 Skier Gabrielle Rollin (MSM)
Meilleur skieur masculine / Top Male U18-U21 Skier Alexis Bernier (MSM)


Ambassadors Certificates


Owen Wagner (MSM) Laure Cabasson (EDEL) Emma Von Finkenstein (CASC)
Mia Grieve (CASC) Quinn Harris-Fowell (MSM) Reagan Armstrong (MSM)
Hannah Boehm (ESCF) Hugo Brisebois (ESCF) Nicola Gilmour (MSM)
Charlie Graf (MSM) Saffron Klotz (MSM) Benjamin Miles (MSM)
Emma Wagner (MSM) Felix Boivin (MSM) Emile Burke (VORL)
Jessie-Anne Caron (CASC) William Earle (MSM) Eric Guimont (VORL)
Ethan Macdonald (MSM) Juliette Belanger (ESCF) Chloe Beaudoin (MSM)
Emile Bernier (MSM) Cole Briggs (CASC) Cal Gray (VORL)
Justin Hurteau (MSM) Helen Hume (CASC) Jillian Lynott (MSM)
Damon Kral (VORL) Zachary Reynolds (MSM) Sierra Smith (MSM)
Alexis Guimond (VORL) Alexis Bernier (MSM) Benjamin Beaudoin (MSM)
Alexis Boivin (MSM) Rowan Courtenay (MSM) Juliane Leduc (MSM)
Lindsay Marler(MSM) Ethan Payne (CASC) Gabrielle Rollin (MSM)
Emma Slobozianu (MSM) Dustin Cook (MSM) Nora Fripp (MSM)
Stephanie Gould (MSM) Erin Kral (VORL) Beatrix Lever (CASC)
Patrick Lynott (ESCF) Raphael Queneville (MSM) Hannah Schmidt (MSM)
Graham Scott (VORL) Sarah Scott (VORL) Chris Steinke (MSM)
Abby Thomas (VORL) Mikaela Tommy (EDEL)


Bénévole de l’année / Golden Rake Award


Mont Ste-Marie Ray Moffatt
Edelweiss Matt Wheatley
Ecole de ski Camp Fortune Samuel Grégoire
Mont Cascades Ann Marie Hume
Vorlage Thomas Kral

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