English Level 1 Official Course


There will be an English Level 1 Official course offered on Zoom on Thursday, Feb. 11 from 7 to 9:30 PM.

The cost for Quebec (SQA) club members is $15 and the cost for Ontario (AOA) club members is a $35 AOA registration fee.  Participants must register using the form below.  Once registered, I will send you a link to register with SQA or AOA to pay.  

Level 1 Official Courses – Alpine Canada Description:

This is the entry-level course. It is an overall introduction to race organization and the various officials’ positions with particular emphasis on gate judging. There are no course prerequisites or required experience. Participants will benefit more if they have practical experience.

Course attendance automatically qualifies the participant as Level 1 Alpine Official. Parents of entry level and K1-level racers find this course an excellent introduction to race officiating and in gaining insight into the racing program as a whole.Please register by completing this form:
Level 1 Official Course Registration

The deadline to register is Monday, Feb. 8.